Open Movies

This is the start of a resource page for Open Source Software and moving images. Most of this information is relevant to Access space and is personal findings from research. Please bear in mind that any of the software and methods of making movies are open to personal interpretaion and as such this is meant as an information guide to get you all started. Much of the software is constantly being updated and will hopefully become a lot more stable in the near future. If you find any discrepancies or you can think of any relevant information that you think should be here, please contact me.


The information has been arranged in two distinct areas:

Digital Video

An overview of using digital video at Access Space, with particular attention to use of raw digital video and editing your own movies. There are tutorials for both Kino and Cinelerra and page on Digital video and its codec(s). This area is growing by the day and will be added to over the next few months.

Other Moving Images

A quick look at creating moving images in other ways. This includes more detailed information on creating animated gifs using Gimp and making .swf (macromedia shockwave flash) files with Open office. This is an area that others might well be able to add more information and again will hopefully grow over the next few months.

I hope it is useful!