Getting Started

Connect the DV Camera to the computer with the firewire cable and ports and turn the camera on and to VCR mode. It is important to do this before you open kino so the it recognises the camera.

Open Kino

Kino is one simple window with a list of simple options. You need to check everything is set properly before you begin to capture video.

Go to preferences (under the dropdown File menu) select Capture

You will see a list of otions as to what you would like to 'capture' the file as. This means what kind of digital information the program will save it as.

For best use with other programs, the Quicktime DV option has proved to be the best.

You need to specify a folder where you want the video to go... This is under the Base File Name otion. If you click Browse you can specify a folder on the hard disk.

Go to the 1EEE13394 option. By Device should be the name of your model of camera... this means they are communicating together.

Go to Display option and click the GDK option. This is important as it reduces the quality of the playback... if it is too high it will crash the program.

Now you are ready to capture video!


Go to Capture option on the right hand menu.

The vihtml tutorialsewing screen should go black.

Press play on your camera.

The viewing screen should activate and show your footage.

To stahtml tutorialsrt your capture simply click Capture (marked with a red dot) and click Stop to finish. This will save the file to the folder that you specified in the Preferences option.

You can do this as many times as you want but Raw video files are extremely large in size and will fill your hard disk easily.


To edit your video you have a few options. You can use a very basic trim and cut in Kino but this does not give you much room to play with and you will only be able to edit the clips in the order that you captured them.

The other option is Cinelerra

Cinelerra is a good grphics editor but like much open source software, it has its quirks!

Firstly, to edit good quality video you will need Raw video footage... this generally comes as either, an .avi, .dv or .mov file. The .mov file is the quicvktime file mentioned earlier and is the only type I have currently got to work.


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